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FAQs: Deluxe Full Service

There are always a few questions that need to be answered. Some clients remember to ask them when we meet, and some people forget about one or two until later. We try to make sure that you understand the whole process before you decide to employ Aapex. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. We want to make sure you have all the information you will need to make the right choice in a property management company.

Are you the cheapest company in town?
Do you really want the cheapest company? The old saying "You get what you pay for" is always true. There are other companies that charge less than we do. There are other companies that charge more. We are somewhere in the middle. I feel that we offer the most comprehensive service package in the industry and our rates are very competitive. 

Do you guarantee the residents that you place in my home?
Renting always has some element of risk. We always try to find tenants who have a history of longevity and who plan on staying for a long time. We are usually successful. 

How are maintenance problems handled?
We ask that all maintenance requests be submitted in writing (except emergencies) so that we have a record of all requests. We try to resolve minor problems over the phone (i.e. re-set breakers) to avoid the cost of a house call. If repairs are really needed, we will arrange for the work to be done as soon as possible. We advise tenants of their responsibilities should it turn out that the repair was needed due to their neglect or misuse of the property.
Our offices are open 9-5 on Monday through Friday and from 10:00 to 1:00 on Saturdays. We also have someone in the office who can arrange for work to be done during those hours. 
After hours we have a sophisticated computerized answering system that will begin paging a staff member at their home. Paging will continue until someone listens to the tenants message and responds. There are always two staff members on call after hours.

How do you find applicants?
We market your property in many ways. We maintain an in-house rental list with all available properties listed. The list is available without cost to anyone who drops by the office or calls and requests that a list be sent or faxed to them. Additionally we maintain a 24-Hour Hotline with information that can be accessed whenever it is convenient. We also maintain a list on the World Wide Web for those who are computer inclined. Lastly, we deliver copies of this list to over 300 real estate agents in the area monthly. 

How do you qualify applicants?
We have developed a very extensive application that also complies with the requirements of the law. When we receive an application we ask a lot of questions to make sure we have a feel for the applicant and their honesty in providing us with information. 
Then we do the following to verify the information on the application:
Secure a national credit report on each adult resident which includes information on judgements, liens and credit history
Call current and previous landlords and ask specific questions regarding payment history, number of tenants, status of pets, condition of the unit, if there were complaints from neighbors, and whether the landlord would rent to the applicant again.
Review their employment history via two current check stubs
After reviewing this information we compare it with a specially designed formula that we have developed over the past 10 years to determine acceptability of the application. 

How long does it take to rent my property?
At Aapex Property Management we pride ourselves on quick turn arounds. Even during this tight market, we have been able to rent most properties within 1 - 2 months! We begin marketing your property as soon as we receive the notice from your current resident. We add it to our in-house rent list, record information on our 24-Hour Hot Line, and upload it to the Internet. We will have your property available to be seen Monday through Friday 9-4:30pm, and Saturday from 10-1:00;pm.

How much do you spend on maintenance before you call me?
In the Management Agreement you can specify how much we are authorized to spend before we call you. The lower the authorization limit, the more often you will be called. The exception to this limit comes when there is an emergency. 
In the event of an emergency such as a leaking water heater, non-functioning heater during winter, lack of electricity, or lack of water, I make a decision without contacting you. It is important that basic services be supplied to the resident without significant interruption.
If there are options such as repairing versus replacing, we will attempt to contact you as soon as it is reasonable and we will discuss the available solutions. If a temporary fix will avoid further problems, I will authorize it and then contact you with an estimate to make long term repairs.
When a tenant moves out, we will work with you to begin to prepare the unit for occupancy as quickly as possible. 

How often are inspections done at my property?
We inspect your property in the following ways:
- When the property is vacant we inspect it to determine any work that is needed to prepare it for the next tenant
- When the work is done, we inspect it to insure the tenant has a good first impression 
- When our workmen visit the property for minor or routine maintenance they are instructed to report any problems such as pets, extra people, car problems, or anything else that is a potential problem. ( this is the most revealing "inspection" because the tenants are not expecting to be reported on)
- Annually we inspect the unit for potential problems and to do minor maintenance that may not have been reported by the tenant
As we travel through different areas we drive by units to look at the exterior of the unit and order additional inspections if warranted.
If we receive a complaint from a neighbor or from you, we will initiate additional inspections.

Is it better to rent month-to-month or have a longer term lease?
We feel that it is best for the property owner to have a month-to-month rental agreement so that if the resident's circumstances change (ie an extended family member or friend moves in to the unit or there's a divorce or split-up) it is easy to remove an unwanted resident. Today's judges make decisions that favor the tenant in most situations and a month-to-month agreement forces the judges to favor the landlord.
We always advise applicants that think they want a long term lease that if they take care of the property and keep their part of the agreement, we want them to be long term tenants and that we have no plans to get rid of them. This has always convinced applicants to go with the month-to-month lease. 

What if I sell? Can Aapex help?
If you are thinking about selling your unit and have not selected an agent, we have agents with whom we have worked in the past and who we feel are very good that we could recommend to you. Or if you have your own agent, that is fine too. We can turn everything over to you, or to your Agent whichever you prefer. 

When do I receive reports and the monthly rents?
After we collect the rents at the beginning of a month and deposit them in our trust account, we process any payments that you have authorized us to pay for you. This could include mortgage payments, insurance payments, taxes and any maintenance work that has been done. 
At the end of the month, we prepare a monthly statement that itemizes the income and expenses for that month. After reviewing this report we mail the report and the monthly check to you on the last day of the month. You should receive this by the first couple of days of the following month. We can also send your report via e-mail, so that it arrives without delay.
If you would prefer to receive your money by electronic transfer instead of having to wait for the check and then take it to your bank for depositing, we can set up your account to automatically transfer the money to your account on the first of the month. Just let us know that you would like this special service.

Why should I choose Aapex Property Management to manage my investment?
I feel that what most people want in a management company is honesty, integrity, a well trained and experienced staff who uses all of today's technology to keep you informed of the happenings at your property and keep it rented at the best rental rates while keeping expenses at a reasonable level. That's what we do and who we strive to be every day. 

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