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Landlord/Tenant Law: Current Legal Topics

Can I keep this off my credit record?
It is possible to structure a settlement so the no eviction appears on your credit record. They can't undo the fact that an eviction was filed, but they can undo the eviction judgment. Credit reporting companies usually do not report an eviction unless there is a judgment. 

How can I stay?
That may or may not be possible. Offering to bring your rent current and pay the Landlord's legal expenses will optimize your odds of being able to stay.

How do I get my stuff back after I've been removed by the sheriff?
Call the owner to arrange to have the unit opened to permit removal. The owner can legally require you to pay a fee to meet with you, as well as storage fees.

What difference does it make if I have a judgment against me?
Very few, if any, Landlords will rent to someone who has an eviction on their record. 

What if I can't find another place I can afford?
While that is often a real problem, it is rarely one which will make a difference to the judge or the sheriff. If you really need more time, try making an offer that the owner can't refuse. 

What if I don't leave?
If you have not left by the time the sheriff arrives for the eviction, the sheriff will remove you (by force if necessary.) 

What if I just need extra time to find a place?
If your case has not yet gone to court, you may be able to negotiate for extra time. If your case has already gone to court, you may be able to get extra time by paying rent to the court. 

What if the 30-Day Notice accuses me of something I didn't do?
That is why we have courts. You have a chance to explain your side of the case to the judge. You may try explaining your side to the landlord or his attorney. If there has been a misunderstanding, the case may be resolved without having to involve the judge, and without having an eviction on your credit record. This will often work out best for everyone.

Why did they post a notice on my door?
This is a legal requirement which is done to satisfy the courts. 

Why won't the owner accept my money?
Once the notice period has expired, the owner shouldn't accept rent without having the payment accompanied by some legal paperwork called a stipulation. If you ask for a stipulation, you should be able to pay rent. 

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